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  •  - Draw the Map

    At Aperio, we begin by examining the current landscape. This may include assessing workflows or learning about behavior patterns. We always prioritize objectivity and empirically validated research. In this phase, we learn about your current process and find out what results matter to you.

  •  - Chart the Routes

    After we understand where it is you want to go, together we plot how to get there. In business, like in life, there's often more than one path. The question becomes: based on your priorities, what direction do you take? We use cutting-edge AI to model possible scenarios and to learn which variables you can change to make the biggest impact.

  •  - Guide

    Our work focuses on helping you cut through the noise and focus on the metrics that matter. Maybe we learn that two changes in your sales process has a 72% chance of accelerating your current growth. We use the newest in fuzzy logic and data fusion to ge not merely a recommendation, but an explanation. Not just a ​try this​, but a ​try this because... ​It's the explanation that gives you the confidence to stand behind it. And if that weren't confidence enough, our AI uses proprietary mathematics to provide a confidence level, so you know just how certain to be.

  •  - Navigate the Long-Term

    The Aperio team is committed to the kind of change that sticks. That's why our products and services are founded in measurement and objective data collection. As consultants, we aim to work ourselves out of a job–for your business to be able to not just survive, but thrive on its own. We not only ensure our work ​works​ with measurement, but we work throughout the process to develop your internal capacity to continue your improvement.

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