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Our Method

Aperio merges the latest in behavioral science with cutting-edge AI. We believe data science can empower humans to make better decisions and adapt when needs arise. Not all AI is created equal—our approach is transparent and explainable. It uses mathematical models that allow for the “messy” nature of humans and reality, rather than reducing people to 1s and 0s.

When we combine our technology with an in-depth understanding of the why of behavior and the how of the brain, we make unprecedented gains. Behavioral science allows us to understand the detail and texture of a person or a team, including motivation and behavioral style, while data science allows us to step back and see large patterns. The result is a clear understanding of who is needed, how to improve outcomes, which key decisions to make. In short, we have decoded performance.

Measurement and Technology

We measure results on every project. With an engineering mindset and a designer’s sensitivity, Aperio establishes benchmarks, checkpoints, and adapts its tactics as needed. To measure behavior preferences, traits, skills, and more, we use a psychometrics assessments—all of which are empirically validated. These tools reveal what is often hidden: the reasons, patterns, and possibilities of human behavior.

On the AI side, we use computational intelligence techniques like neural networks, fuzzy logic, and explainable AI to generate proprietary algorithms that capture the nuance inherent in people.

Combining behavioral science and computational intelligence is both an opportunity and a responsibility. Our approach is not just for more data. It’s for better science. We believe AI has the capacity to launch a new era of behavioral science. Computational intelligence encodes more knowledge than any human can hold; behavioral science unlocks ethical and effective ways to use this information. With computational intelligence, Aperio can look at more data and see the fine, granular detail. We allow you to see the forest and the trees.


Aperio is an expertise-driven firm that works across sectors and disciplines to find solutions. We are committed to tackling big problems. We help you separate the signal from the noise and find clarity in a complex landscape.

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