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When work works, when puzzle pieces come together, we have the power to spark innovation and positive change.


At Aperio, we guide you through challenges, find solutions, and measure results. Our process is based on the newest insights in behavioral science. We custom-build solutions for our clients and leverage the newest in AI to address the root challenge.


Diagnostic Culture Scan

Organizational health and employee growth should enable growth, not stall or inhibit it. Aperio’s diagnostic culture scan assesses the core components of an organization’s health and provides leadership with an objective, actionable analysis of the organization’s current state.

We measure whether goals are clearly defined and whether employees are well-organized around them, find out if employees have the tools and teamwork support they need to succeed in their roles, and identify barriers to open communication and inclusive environments.

The diagnostic culture scan pinpoints where in the organization people are thriving and identifies key areas for improvement. Behavioral science research shows that employee engagement can vary up to 70% based on leadership. The culture scan is for leaders who want teams to perform on the highest level.



Aperio takes a holistic approach to coaching executives by focusing on the leader and the system that surrounds them. To start, we use empirically validated assessments to diagnose behavioral habits that need changing or improvement. Then we cultivate an individual’s growth by including feedback and input of key stakeholders who provide accountability and feedback. The end result is long-term, measurable change that makes you, your people, and your organization stronger.


Team Training

How do you empower your employees to perform at a consistently high level? How do you prevent employee disengagement from costing your company?

By investing in your people.

We start by measuring your team’s strengths and weaknesses using proven assessment tools. We identify what’s broken, what’s working, and what could be even better. Then we focus on outcomes that can move the needle and boost performance. Drawing upon the latest theories in behavioral science and neuroscience, our training provides the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to make you and your teams more efficient and effective.



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