At Aperio, we merge behavioral science with machine learning breakthroughs to design people-focused and performance-driven organizations.

We pair decades of fieldwork with the latest findings in behavioral and computer science. The result? State-of-the-art tools that improve both employee experience and your organization’s outcomes.

  • Habit Story empowers individuals to discover the root cause of their behaviors and learn what serves them, those around them, and why. This tool ​​identifies your limiting behaviors and what causes them, enabling you to make powerful changes.
  • Founder Story identifies the defining habits of the founding team using an empirically validated behavioral assessment. It measures both productive and counterproductive patterns of behavior, empowering funders and founders alike to better understand their strengths and gaps–and hire accordingly.
  • Performance Story combines your organization’s unique data with cutting-edge machine learning to improve efficacy and employee experience. This tool addresses every phase of the employee lifecycle, from hiring to high-performance.

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In 2022, Aperio formed a sister organization, Two Story, to focus on the development and distribution of our product suite. Two Story merges the most innovative practices from Aperio’s fieldwork with ethical, advanced machine learning. The result? Tools organizations can use to create thriving and productive teams.

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