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At Aperio, we merge behavioral science with breakthroughs in AI to figure out which habits, traits, and behaviors impact your bottom line.


We pair our knowledge from decades of fieldwork with technological advancements. The result is a cutting-edge approach to decision science: 

  • We leverage findings from behavioral science (psychology, neuroscience, sociology) to capture rich, multi-faceted data about every layer of the organization–individuals, teams and systems;
  • We transform data into insights  by using feature extraction and classification algorithms to identify the critical factors and separate the signal from the noise;
  • We provide you with the predictive power to anticipate what your company will need next; 
  • We enhance decision science through a human-AI partnership in which computers process data and synthesize information and humans apply critical thinking, draw insights, and take action; 

In short, we help you navigate uncertainty. We provide the compass you need to not only understand the landscape, but forge a new path.

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Performance Story


How does performance change if you move from work-from-home to in-office twice a week? When do the most high-yield sales calls occur? Why does one team perpetually outperform their counterpart?

Performance Story is a talent management platform that tackles the most difficult part of running a business: making decisions about people.

Unlike other talent management platforms, Performance Story begins and ends with measurement. The first phase includes determining objective performance measures and compiling a dataset of employee behaviors. Our tool then uses proprietary AI and behavioral assessments to create a benchmark for the position, which is used to find the right match for the role. Rather than a binary “yes” or “no” assessment, Aperio’s technology is designed to offer the strength of the match, allowing leaders to know whether someone is an 82% fit or a 61% fit. With more traditional forms of AI, this nuance would be lost.

After hiring, Performance Story becomes a coaching tool. With an understanding of which key performance behaviors matter most to achieve a goal, leaders target the employee habits and actions that make a difference.

Performance Story is for strategic, forward-thinking leaders who know their people are the most important investment they can make. From measuring the needs of a position to hiring to growing individual and team competency, Performance Story will help leaders and staff make predictive decisions to gain a competitive edge.


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Founder Story


Reveal hidden risk. Founder Story is a portfolio construction tool that identifies the entrepreneurial habits that can wreck promising ventures.

Many investors have tried to decode the human variable in entrepreneurship. Which traits, skills, and habits predict success? What will sink the ship?

Traditional methods consider the founder’s track record, pitch, and capitalization plan. But these measures alone do not crack the code. So we set out to discover how to reliably and accurately predict worthwhile investments.

Founder Story proactively informs investors of the specific areas in which an entrepreneur will falter. Is the entrepreneur’s level of perseverance not enough, just right, or too much? Founder Story focuses on the core traits of success, spots trouble areas, and provides recommended fixes. With Founder Story, investors are both knowledgeable and helpful–and entrepreneurs have the competitive edge they need.


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