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Aug 12, 2021

Why Transparency in AI Matters for Businesses

Building explainability and transparency in AI into the work environment starts with education and communication.

It’s important to make sure the AI developers and the business leaders maintain a constant flow of communication, said Bryce Murray, director of technology and data science at Aperio Consulting Group.

When creating and implementing an algorithm, “we need to understand what the human needs to hear to make the best decision,” he said. To do that, an algorithm’s output needs to be made in a language a business leader can understand.

That’s not as easy as it might seem, however.

The business and the technology sides often speak two different languages, said Kerry Goyette, founder and president of Aperio Consulting Group. The business leaders speak business outcome language, while people in technology speak in more technical languages.

“They often don’t understand each other,” Goyette said.

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