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Sep 22, 2020

Marcus J. Brooks Joins Aperio Consulting Group as Chief Strategy Officer and Consultant

Aperio Consulting Group is excited to welcome Marcus J. Brooks to the firm. Marcus, who will serve as chief strategy officer and client consultant, brings decades of experience in business, education, and leadership as well as a positive outlook to Aperio.

“Marcus is a proven leader in unique settings,” says Kerry Goyette, president of Aperio. “What I appreciate most about Marcus is his ability to bring people together for a common goal.”

Marcus hails from New York City. He earned his bachelor’s and MBA from Columbia University and was recently responsible for academic and long-term planning at Cornell University. Prior to his time as an Ivy League instructor, Marcus worked at investment firms and managed multi-million dollar portfolios. His distinct experience also involves leading expeditions in mountain ranges across the world, including Mt. Kilimanjaro.

“I am excited to share the fears, failures, and triumphs I’ve experienced in my leadership roles,” Marcus says. “I look forward to combining those with the neuroscience approach Aperio is known for. I want to equip clients to address their current challenges and help them anticipate what’s to come.”

In his new role, Marcus will support Aperio in its long-term vision and guide clients as they move toward strategic goals that include inclusion, equity, and diversity. The tie between success and inclusive teams is clear, according to Aperio vice president of research and development, Michael Mueller.

“Research shows that diverse and inclusive teams outperform homogenous teams,” Michael says. “But implementing change isn’t easy. Building higher-performing teams cannot be limited to conversations in the board room or planning sessions. True strategic agility–which includes anticipating market shifts and needs–requires senior leaders to incorporate their vision into everyday habits and established processes.”

Stressing the importance of process, structure, and people has long been at the core of Aperio’s approach. That, and a good dose of fun. “Hard work and a playful culture is part of who we are,” Kerry says.

“Aperio is a super smart team that tackles high-stakes problems,” Marcus says. “Their care and concern for clients is palpable. Who wouldn’t want to work on complex challenges with a highly intelligent team?”

At Aperio, we know Marcus will be another thoughtful, animated, and caring member of our team. We’re thrilled to have him aboard.

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