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Jan 4, 2021

How to Develop Better Foresight to Combat Chaos

Today’s business reality is not only “unprecedented” like these pandemic-era times, but it’s also uncertain. Humans are fundamentally wired to fear the unknown. For leaders trying to navigate decision-making, this uncertainty causes stress and doubt.

The psychological antidote is our ability to plan. While lockdowns and layoffs make it feel particularly impossible to predict the future, it’s possible and necessary for leaders to expand their foresight capabilities. The key to better foresight is a honed approach to strategic thinking.

For leaders, strategic thinking is a difficult skill to acquire because it is as much a mindset as a set of techniques. What’s more, workplaces tend to reward tactical responses to immediate demands over long-term vision and planning. As a leader, this puts you and your team in a bind — How are you supposed to plan for tomorrow’s problems when you’re recognized only for solving today’s?

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