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May 26, 2021

How HR can make sense of AI

When deciding to take the plunge and install AI technology into the HR system, it’s best to always remember the human factor, says an expert.

“The focus should be as much or more on the human or on the people as on the machine,” says Kerry Goyette, founder and president of Aperio Consulting Group, a management consulting group in Columbia, Mo. “The key really lies in that intersection between technology, human learning, human adoption and human agency.”

Businesses have tended to get excited about new technologies, says Goyette, but HR professionals have to ask some key questions.

“Humans want to know, am I still in the driver’s seat? Can I trust it? We really need to focus in HR on humans and technology; we really have to evolve together to benefit society and to be successful for our organizations. How do we effectively adapt humans and technology together?” she says.

For AI to really be successful, its makeup has to be examined with a critical eye, says Goyette.

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