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Jul 8, 2021

How AI Can Help Hoteliers Rethink the Hiring Process

Eleven years ago, Kerry Goyette began Aperio Consulting Group to help companies build high-performing employee cultures. She has spent her career learning what drives human behavior in the workplace and then finding ways to measure it so that she can help organizations improve.

“All organizations, whether successful or not, are a product of their people,” Goyette says. “People are an organization’s biggest asset, and more attention needs to be placed on them.”

For the hospitality industry, this could be an especially timely piece of advice. Joblist’s Q2 U.S. Job Market Report reported that 60% of job seekers would not consider working in a restaurant, bar, hotel or other hospitality job. Of those, 70% said nothing would convince them to work in hospitality.

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