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Mar 22, 2021

Aperio Welcomes Kasey May as Executive Business Partner

“It’s not just about Kasey’s knowledge and expertise in operations and process,” says Kerry Goyette, founder and president of Aperio Consulting Group. “She has a passion for what we do. She has a heart to really make teams their best.”

Kasey May, an early employee at Accurate Rx, brings a wealth of experience about operational growth and scalability after working for a company that saw 406% year-over-year growth.

“When I started, I assisted in all operations,” May recalls. “In a small business, everybody’s wearing lots of hats. As you grow, you take off those hats and your focus becomes more narrow.”

During her career at Accurate Rx, May was involved with marketing, administration, operations, and ultimately worked as Human Resources Manager. In each role, she advocated to create environments that were emotionally intelligent. “I helped infuse emotional intelligence into the Accurate Rx culture,” May says. “It led to increased engagement and lower turnover.”

EQ has to be something we do, May explains, not something we have. “Having worked for a company that utilized Aperio for assessments, coaching, and training for years, I saw the difference it made in the culture, communication, and effectiveness of each individual team member, as well as the organization as a whole,” May says. “The investment in Aperio was an investment in our people that paid dividends. I am thrilled to now be able to be part of the team that helps other organizations realize their potential in the same way.”

And it’s May’s active desire to make teams run more smoothly–which in turn empowers them to execute at a higher level–that makes her tick.

“Her involvement is crucial for the future of our firm,” Goyette says. “We’re entering new spaces with computational intelligence and that operational piece is the glue for our firm. I see her sitting at the center of our business as an essential part of this team.”

“Kasey will be instrumental in operationalizing our innovation,” adds Michael Mueller, Vice President of Aperio. “She is diligent and committed. She thinks with the end in mind.”

May brings not only experience in the business sector, but a committed work ethic to the team. As a first-generation college student, May paid her way through school, working as a baker, wedding coordinator, and pharmacy technician. She currently serves as a mentor in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri. Her drive, commitment, and dedication are contagious.

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